Tradition is not the preservation of the ashes, but the stoking of the flame.

Jean Jaurés
The love for old English motorcycles and the lack of good spare parts motivated Jutta and Manfred Ströhle in 2006 to found SAM-Racing, manufacturing replica parts for AJS 7R BoyRacer and Matchless G50 racing motorcycles. Soon after, Manfred expanded the product range to the Bavarian boxer engines, his second great passion. Lovers of BMW R5 to R69S will find suitable replica parts for their classic machines at SMA Racing.

Uli Ströhle

Managing Director and model maker specializing in foundry. In his spare time, he rides every two-wheeler from old to new.

Janine Ströhle

Model maker specialising in foundry, accounting and office management. She drives everything that has wheels, from mopeds to trucks.


Trainee 2st year of apprenticeship specialising in postmen and insurance agents 😉